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Yearly Premium Support

Yearly Premium Support

Yearly Premium Support

Get 1 year of extended EasyCart support PLUS all of our extensions in our exclusive members area!
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Already purchased EasyCart and your 3 months of support are running out?

We offer an easy way to access our support system with a low cost yearly service. Now you can get quick ticket support access when your 3 month period of support has ended.

EasyCart support tries to answer all tickets within 24 hours, but we usually hit them in under 12 hours. If you need help and wish to have a specialist attend to your needs, simply stay current with your support credits and you will be good to go.

What else is included in Premium Support?

This purchase also includes access to the member’s area, which includes all of our extension plugins and partner themes.

Some of our popular extensions include Stamps.com for printing shipping labels and purchasing postage, or our Tabs extension which lets you create extra tabs at the product level beyond just a description or specifications tab.

Do you already have remaining support?

Don’t worry, this will add to your existing support left on your EasyCart license or any other yearly support you have previously purchased!

At any time you can log into your EasyCart account on our website and view how many days are left on your support and get access to submitting a new support request. Don’t wait until you find yourself in a situation, keep current and always know you have the ability to contact a support specialist.

Is this a subscription?

No, we do not automatically renew each year. Rather we will contact you each year in advance if you would like to renew and stay current.

Because we do not renew your support, you can choose to not renew at any time and simply let your support expire. You keep your EasyCart license for life, but online support is entirely up to you to retain or let expire.

What if my support expired, can I get help?

Not through support tickets and our quick staff. You can always use our self help methods of support online for FREE.

You can always get help through our community forums, online documentation, or video library to help problem solve your way through any technical trouble you may encounter. IF you need to talk to a specialist about support though, you must have active support purchased.