SMS Order Shipped Notifications

More Repeat Orders

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Set up automated SMS notifications today and keep your customers in the loop on shipping and order updates.

SMS Order Shipped Notifications

More Happy Customers

The more you communicate with your customer, the happier they will be! When they are happy, they return to buy.

Unlimited Possibilities

We have hooks for everything. Use SMS notifications to let your customers know that your order is being built, packaged, cooked, and more!

WP EasyCart SMS Notifications

Automated Notifications

Every customer loves knowing when their order has shipped! Start sending automated SMS notifications today with WP EasyCart.

Text Updates for Orders

Perfect for restaurants that want to let their customers know the order is in the oven, ready to pickup, or on the way!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get started today for just $5.99/month and get creating! Your customers will thank you for it!