Text Messaging Services
Engage and Inform customers with text alert services by EasyCart

Order Text Messaging

With WP EasyCart Text Messaging Services, customers sign-up for text alerts on order status updates, shipping changes, and more!

Easy Customer Sign-Up

Customers opt-in and enter their phone on the Thank-You page to sign-up for text updates.

Easy Administration

EasyCart Cloud handles all the sending.  Simply choose your triggers and we do the rest.

Responsive Order Management

The NEW cloud Text Messaging system works right inside your existing EasyCart.  As you update an order, if it meets a text trigger, it updates the customer with a text message… It’s That Easy!

Manage Text Trigger

You are in control with easy to setup triggers for all order change related tasks.  Setup welcome message triggers, order status change triggers, shipping & tracking triggers, and EasyCart will send a text alert when you make an order update to customers.

Personalize Messages

Use tags to customize your messages.  Insert the order #, shipping & tracking #, or other adjustments.  It is entirely up to you what you want to say or how to customize your text alert messages.

Easy Text Setup

There is no easier way to setup text alerting than with our simple trigger status system.  Choose what behavior to trigger a text and a custom message to send to your users.


Text alert cloud services is available for $14.95 a month.  You will get 500 text sends per month through the EasyCart Cloud system!

** Cloud services will auto-renew each month.  If you need larger sending rates, simply contact our support department and we will get you dialed in to the right plan based on your monthly usage.