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WP EasyCart has exactly what you need to customize your store, design your products, and with unlimited images and videos, market any product successfully to your customers. 

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Product Design FAQ

Yes! We offer all the settings you will need to customize the store on the page. The plugin does not rely on anything from the theme, meaning it is compatible with nearly every theme.

Definitely! There are hooks for most things and even custom template files can be added to completely customize anything. Reach out if you have questions.

Yes! Not only can you use shortcodes and widgets, but we also have complete element block integrations for product lists and products!

In the case that your theme doesn’t play nice with the WP EasyCart, it’s typically a small css (design) conflict. In this case, send us a link to review and a brief description of the problem and we can provide a fix in 99.9% of circumstances.

Yes! Although we haven’t integrated blocks for every single editor, you can use the WP EasyCart shortcodes to build whatever you need to fit your business.

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Product Design Features

Enable any of these core features and sell your products your way.

Unlimited Images

Flexible & Powerful Images

Add unlimited images in the form of media library items, direct URLs, videos, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. Drag and drop items to correctly organize your media.

Unlimited Videos

Add Videos, YouTube, & Vimeo

Add self hosted videos, embedded YouTube, and embedded Vimeo videos to any product. Mix in videos with product images as needed.

Image Magnification

Hover to Zoom on Product Images

If enabled, when the selected image is hovered over, a magnification box appears and allows for closer inspection of your product images.

Unlimited Tabs

Customize Your Product Tabs

Install the WP EasyCart Tabs extension and unlock unlimited product details tab groups with custom content. Build the product to exactly fit your needs by organizing and creating custom tabs.

Variant Images

Unlimited Images, Each Variant

Variant images, or option item images, allow you to upload unlimited images and videos for each product variant. This means, for example, each color of your clothing item has its own image groups.

Sharing Links

Customize Product Share Links

WP EasyCart has 9 different sharing link options on a product display. Enable or disable to fit your needs. Sharing links allow your customers to share the entire product with their followers with a simple click.

Elementor Blocks

Our favorite design tool, fully integrated

Elementor is one of the most popular visual editors for WordPress. Customize colors and fonts, elements displayed, and much more. 

Design & Customize Your Store

With three key editors, we have the tools to make your cart your own.

Elementor Blocks

Fully Integrated Blocks

Elementor is one of the most popular visual design tools for WordPress today, and we have blocks! Design product lists, product details, and more.

Gutenberg Blocks

Visually Build Blocks on Screen

Gutenberg is the default editor in WordPress and WP EasyCart offers a single block that will help you create any shortcode as a block. 

Shortcode Editor

Quickly, Visually Design Products

If you are using the classic WordPress Editor then we have the editor for you. Click the cart icon and set the options to dynamically build a shortcode.

Gutenberg Editor

Build your store visually

Fully integrated, simple to use. Build your block and add it to any Gutenberg editor in seconds.

Endless Customization for Developers

Customize everything with html templates, css, actions, and filters.

Customize CSS

Target Any Element & Design

We do our best to add CSS classes and ids throughout the plugin that will give you the target you need to customize any part of the design with CSS!

Target with JS

Class or ID, Target and Customize

With classes and ids throughout the plugin, add your own JS and create the custom funcitonality you need, anywhere in the cart.

Custom Templates

Add and Edit Full HTML Templates

Copy any template file into your custom template folder. Customize HTML, inject custom functions, and make the cart your own.

Tons of Hooks

Inject Features with Actions

Most releases include more and more WordPress actions. Review our API documentation to find the hook that fits your needs.

Filter Output

Customize Output with Filters

Much of the output in the store is run through WordPress filters. If something would make your project easier, let us know and we will add it!

Ask Us Anything

Can't Find it? Ask.

Having a hard time finding a hook or filter? Need a css class or id to target an element? Reach out and we will do our best to add it.

Template Files

Create Your Custom Template

There are times when hooks and actions aren’t enough. If you are a developer that can maintain a custom template file, the sky is the limit for your WP EasyCart shopping cart!

Multiple Product Designs

Find the look to fit your business

Offering five different grid displays and a list display, choose the best layout to fit your needs. Customize the product animation, tag, and more to make each product pop.

Product Tags

Add your own flare to any product

Choose the color, text, and shape of the product tag to make sale products stand out. Product tags help generate interest, get started today. 

On Page Editor

Customize the basics, visually on the page

WP EasyCart gives you visual editing tools to help you pick the best colors, fonts, product grid settings, responsive columns, and more, with instant on screen feedback.

Product Tables

List important details in a table display

Some businesses rely less on photos and more on offering lots of easy to find products. Try a product table display and customize to fit the needs of your business.

WordPress eCommerce Risk Free

No-Risk Refund Policy

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our product for any reason, reach out to us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.