Registering WP EasyCart PRO

By registering our software, you will unlock the Professional and Premium edition features of your shopping cart plugin.  Registering will also keep you up to date with current software updates and security fixes.  It is an important step, so please be sure to register your license.

Important Notes Before You Start:

  • DO NOT uninstall your WP EasyCart Free Plugin – Your WP EasyCart PRO plugin extends the functionality of WP EasyCart’s free software.
  • You must install WP EasyCart PRO through your plugins panel before you can register your license.
  • Once both WP EasyCart AND WP EasyCart PRO are installed, you can complete registration below.
  • If you previously activated your license on another site, the license will be automatically transferred to the new site.
  • If you are a Premium user you will install the same software as a PRO user and can access additional extensions through your account here.

Locate your Transaction Key

Your Transaction Key is found on your order confirmation email or from within your WP EasyCart Account.

Enter Transaction Key

Log into WordPress and go to the WP EasyCart -> Registration page.  Simply enter your name, email, and License Key.

Unlock the Potential

Your software is unlocked, and you should have access to all the great features we offer as well as the ability to submit support requests!

Where to Register?

Simply open your WordPress admin console and visit the WP EasyCart -> Registration page to enter and unlock all the great features of the Professional and Premium Editions.

You must have the WP EasyCart PRO plugin installed, which you can download via your account at WP EasyCart.