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WP EasyCart gives you the ability to create just about any product type, for any business. Check out many of the possibilities below.

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Product Types FAQ

Yes! Advanced options give you the ability to create text fields, text areas, select boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more. Everything you need to create registration type products and more.

Yes! One cool feature is conditional logic for advanced options. Set up visibility based on other selected options. Take control of your business and build the product forms that fit your needs.

There are two options available in WP EasyCart. First is storage on your web server and uses obfuscation to prevent unauthorized access. If you want additional security, we recommend connecting with Amazon S3 to store your files externally and enables very secure access through an API.

eBooks are sold the same way a digital download is sold and requires you to upload the file to your server or Amazon S3.

When you sell a git card, it is sent to the customer on purchase. They can then share or redeem on your website with WP EasyCart. If they come into your store and want to use it, you can simply update their total on the WP EasyCart during the purchase in shop.

Invoice products work by adding a text option (typically to enter invoice number) and select donation / invoice type so that a customer can enter the amount they want to pay.

When you sell a service (or subscription if recurring billing membership) you can then use that product as a page restriction. Put your course or online class on any page and require the purchase of your product to complete the setup.

Currently this is only available for Stripe.

Seasonal products give you a way to list a product, without selling it. These types of products allow you to give a custom message to the customer letting them know when the product will be available.

If you enable back orders, the customer can purchase more than the inventory stock. When this happens, the customer is notified that it is out of stock and on back order during the checkout process.

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Product Types for Any Business

Create one or many product types. Customize to fit your needs.

Physical Product

Physical products are anything you sell and ship to the customer. Setup product dimensions to accurately estimate shipping rates.

Service Product

Service products are anything you sell, but do not ship. This can be anything from providing a massage to charging for a website.

Digital Download

Sell and deliver any digital file upon purchase. Host your files on your server or with Amazon S3 to ensure your files are safe and secure.


Sell your eBooks in any format. Upon purchase, limit the number of downloads or length of time to access and deliver files securely.

Event Registration

Fully customize an event registration form and charge a base price, with any price adjustments that may be required on registration.

Online Course

Secure access to pages or content and connect to a product. Sell course content in a single purchase or a recurring payment.


Create a group of recurring payments to allow for easy upgrade/downgrade directly from the customer’s account.


Create recurring billing with subscriptions and offer any content, if necessary. With automated renewals and notifications, memberships are easy.

Recurring Payments

Give your customers an easy way to sign up for recurring payments. Sell recurring donations or services, whatever you need.


Allow your customers to pay any amount as a donation. Customize the email receipt to provide them with whatever info they need on purchase.

Invoice Payments

Add an invoice number field and allow the customer to enter any amount to automatically pay invoices online with WP EasyCart.

Make a Payment

Create a product that can allow any price (with a set minimum) and pay for it online. This is great for any online payments you need.

Gift Cards

Sell redeemable gift cards directly through your store. Customers can redeem online or in store by adjusting totals manually on in store purchases.

Inquiry Product

Allow your customers to inquire about a product, including options. Choose to show or hide the price for these product types based on your needs.

Seasonal Product

Give your customers a preview of upcoming products. Provide a custom note to explain release date and product availability.

Customize with Options

Advanced Options with Conditional Logic

Fully customize any product with advanced options. Setup conditional logic to hide and show fields based on the selection of others. The sky is the limit with your online store.

Redeem Gift Cards

Sell in store or online, redeem online

Enter custom gift card numbers and totals into WP EasyCart to be used online or sell gift cards that dynamically populate for use on the store.

Customer Reviews

Enable customer reviews by product

Customize any product by allowing or disabling customer reviews. Require an account or allow anonymous reviews and require manual approval.

Customize Email Receipts

Add content based on products purchased

Add custom notes for products purchased to the email receipt, order success page, and order details page. Customize your product experience from first view to order review.

Volume Pricing

Create tiered pricing structures

Setting up volume pricing is easy! Add unlimited tiers / triggers based on quantity added. Easily create gaps of equal pricing like 5-10, 11-20, etc…

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