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WP EasyCart shipping features allow you to ship orders with ease using live rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post. Print labels with, all managed from WordPress or our mobile apps.

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Shipping Features FAQ

WP EasyCart offers several methods of shipping: Trigger based, static methods, and live rates. Trigger rates are a tiered system based on either price, weight, or quantity. You may also setup static rates that are static prices or a percentage of the order total. The last is live shiping rates, which estimates as close to possible the actual shipment using UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post, or Canada Post. 

Yes, you can enable or disable shipping on the product level.

Yes. You can add handling costs per products or generally in the overall cart total.

Yes. You can enable a weight adjustment by the option item selected (or variant).

Yes! We offer customizable shipping zones. Shipping zones can then be applied to a shipping rate to only allow it to show when the customer’s shipping address falls into the zone attached. An example is if you do not want to allow free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and international, just create a lower 48 states zone and you’re done.

Printing a real shipping label will require a third party like or ShipStation. Get an account with either one and connect it to WP EasyCart for quick and easy label printing.

Yes. This can be printed from the order management and can be bulk printed for multiple orders or print a single packing slip at a time.

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Shipping Features for Any Business

Domestic or International. Shipping features for US, Canada, UK, Europe, & More

UPS Shipping Rates

Provide live, accurate UPS rates

Connect your shopping cart to UPS for live shipping rates, directly from UPS, and custom to the cart contents.

USPS Shipping Rates

Provide live, accurate USPS rates​

Shipping features include connecting your shopping cart to USPS for live shipping rates, directly from USPS, and custom to the cart contents.

FedEx Shipping Rates

Provide live, accurate FedEx rates​

Connect your shopping cart to FedEx for live shipping rates, directly from FedEx, and custom to the cart contents.

DHL Shipping Rates

Provide live, accurate DHL rates​

Connect and request live rate quotes for both domestic and international, automatically, with DHL.

Canada Post Rates

Provide live, accurate shipping rates​

Get live rates from Canada Post for all your shipments and based on the contents of the cart.

Australia Post Rates

Provide live, accurate shipping rates​

Get live rates from Australia Post to match the contents of the cart and destination of the shipment. Extension

Print real shipping labels for USPS

Purchase postage, verify addresses, estimate postage costs, and generate a real USPS shipping label directly from your WP EasyCart dashboard.

ShipStation Extension

Manage shipments and print labels

Stream orders directly into ShipStation to offload the management to a dynamic shipping tool and USPS label creator.

Shipping Zones

Customize rates by location

Create and customize shipping zones by countries, states, provinces, territories, and more. Connect your zones to enhance your shipping options.

International Shipping

Combine shipping companies, ship anywhere

By Combining USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more, you can ship your products to just about anyone on earth! Get setup with our shipping features today and go global.

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