Payment Features

30+ Payment Gateways

Setup the payment features to fit your needs. WP EasyCart has more than 30 payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Amazon Pay, Venmo, PayPal, & More.

payment features

Top Payment Providers

Sync & Sell From Your Account

WP EasyCart gives you an easy way to sync your inventory, align inventory sales, and track orders all from your SquareUp Account.

Make One-time or Recurring Sales

Sell regular items as one-time purchases or setup recurring billing, subscriptions, and membership content and sell from WordPress.

Purchases with Your PayPal Account

Give your customers the power to pay with their PayPal account, including their bank account and credit cards stored in their PayPal account.

WP EasyCart

PRO & Premium

* This feature is not available for every payment gateway. Available for Stripe & Square. ** Only available with PayPal.

Payments FAQ

Each payment gateway (Stripe, Square, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc…) requires you to create a “merchant account”. They will process and deposit payments to your bank account in bulk, typically daily. WP EasyCart does not handle your funds directly. WP EasyCart is the tool to allow your customers to choose what they want to buy and request your payment gateway to charge the correct amount.

Payment gateways are a tool that accepts credit card payments from your customers on your behalf. Stripe, Square, PayPal,, etc… are all examples of a payment gateway. You are required to create a merchant account with the payment gateway of your choice in order to accept credit cards on your website.

Accepting payments online require what is called a merchant account with a payment gateway. There are 30+ options in PRO to choose from with the most popular being Stripe, Square, and PayPal. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing, once you purchase PRO, we can help you get this set up and have detailed information on every payment gateway.

Wallet payments typically refer to the use of a payment method through your mobile device. Examples of wallet payments are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, MasterPass, and more.

WP EasyCart offers more than 30 different payment gateways. View the full list by clicking here.

Most, but not all, payment gateways have a 2.9% + $0.30/transaction payment fee. These fees are mostly based on the credit card companies, which charge a percentage per transaction. Payment fees are typically not refundable. Application fees are fees applied by the WP EasyCart ONLY in the free version.

When a customer claims fraud, the credit card company will pull the funds back from your account. This is the start of a charge back. You are given a time frame to submit evidence that the payment was not fraudulent. You may use the IP Address information and shipping address in the order. If you successfully win your argument, the funds are returned to you. If you lose the argument, you will also be charged a fee by the payment gateway in addition to the funds originally pulled for the order.

Refunds can be initiated on most of the key payment gateways directly from the WP EasyCart. You may also refund any payment directly from your payment gateway account.

An SSL or SSL Certificate is something installed on YOUR website and allows for secure communications between your website and your customers. It also allows for secure communication between your website and your payment gateway. Typically these renew yearly and can be an additional fee, depending on your hosting account.

There are multiple levels of PCI compliance. For anyone using WP EasyCart, PCI compliance only requires you to NOT store credit card information on your website. Credit card information passes directly from the consumer to the payment gateway without storage, thereby shifting liability to the payment gateway.

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Payment Features for any Customer

WP EasyCart enables payments from mobile devices and more!

Apple Pay

Buy from mobile device or Mac

Apple Pay allows your customer to quickly select their billing, shipping, and payment method from their device. Payment is processed through Apple using the customer’s payment method of choice and handled by your payment gateway. This is currently available for Stripe and Square.

Google Pay

Order from your Android device

Google Pay is the Android equivalent to Apple Pay. Your customer can select their billing, shipping, and payment information. Google Pay is also available in the web browser Google Chrome.

Amazon Pay

Purchase with your Amazon account

Connecting to Amazon makes checking out from your online store as easy as checking out with Amazon. Customers select their shipping address and payment method directly from their Amazon account and payment is processed with Amazon.


Purchase with a PayPal account

PayPal continues to be the leader in third party payments. Customers can quickly checkout using their PayPal account, including their billing, shipping, and payment information.

Bill Later

Pay on pickup / pay later

Bill later provides you with a completely customizable “pay later” or “bill later” option. You can provide an address for your customers to send a check, an account to send a bank transfer, or simply allow your customers to pay in store.

PayPal Credit

Purchase on credit with installments

PayPal Credit is a great way to give your customers a way to pay in small chunks for larger purchases. PayPal handles all the details and money will appear in your merchant account for the full amount.

Recurring Payments

Charge customers for subscriptions with Stripe

Create products for recurring payments, membership content, and more with WP EasyCart and Stripe payments. Just another key payment feature of WP EasyCart.

Accept Payments in Any Currency

With 30+ Payment Options Worldwide

WP EasyCart has integrated with payment companies around the world to allow businesses to operate in nearly any country and sell in nearly any currency. Choose the payment gateway that is right for you and get started today!


Global Sales with Global Conversion Rates.

Set up, manage, and offer pricing to your customers in multiple currencies. Show pricing of your products to your customers in the currency they prefer.

WordPress eCommerce Multi-Currency
WordPress eCommerce B2B

Security & PCI Compliance

Simple steps to reach compliance.

With WP EasyCart, PCI compliance is a breeze. Simply check with your hosting account for an SSL certificate, enable secure mode, and that is it! Liability is immediately shifted to the payment provider and no payment information is stored in your system.

Worldwide Payments

Choose the payment provider best for your business

Enable or disable countries that you wish to sell to in one easy to manage location. Sell online in nearly any country and with almost any currency.

WordPress eCommerce Risk Free

No-Risk Refund Policy

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our product for any reason, reach out to us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.