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Powerful Shopping Cart Solution!

I am very pleased to say that since our company went live with the EasyCart shopping cart, we have been very happy with the results. EasyCart has some great features out of the box and we were able to implement some creative workarounds for some of our tricky areas. The EasyCart developers also made some helpful additions to the cart that further sealed the deal. Although it took us a while to get it set up like we wanted, we feel it has been worth the effort.

Our company is no stranger to ecommerce and have had an online shopping cart since the 1990’s. We have used and tested many carts over the years (both hosted and self hosted solutions) and feel that EasyCart brought us full circle to a great flexible product with high value.

We are able to handle a wide variety of complex products with options that have equally complex shipping requirements. We also appreciate how easy it is to change the look and feel of the cart to match the design of our WordPress template. EasyCart does some amazing things for the store owner.

Quickbooks : One of the most important requirements we needed was to integrate our ecommerce system with Quickbooks. We were originally attracted to EasyCart because of it’s Quickbooks plugin however we found that it did not work as desired and soon thereafter, EC decided to stop development on it. At first we thought that may be a deal killer but again, with some help from the awesome EasyCart developers, we were able to use a really great third party solution, TransactionPro Import Wizard (by Bay State Consulting, a Quickbooks Gold Developer).

To save you hours of time, I will be happy to send you a few files that are necessary to set it up with EasyCart if you purchase TransactionPro through us. It’s the same price no matter where you get it but if you use our affiliate link, we get a little kickback and we’ll give you the files to easily connect to your EasyCart store. You can also create these on your own but these files will save you hours and you’ll be up and running in no time. You have nothing to loose. It’s a win-win for all. Buy TransactionPro now or Contact Us for more information.

In conclusion, we really appreciate EasyCart and we’re so glad we found it. The EasyCart developers are helpful and forward thinking. When we look at the big picture, it’s simply the best shopping cart system for our demanding needs.

This is a solid ecommerce system…
WordPress – Powerful websites for the people
EasyCart – An amazing shopping cart
Quickbooks – The best accounting software for business
TransactionPro – Perfect Quickbooks data management

Thank you EasyCart! We’re very pleased!

July, 2017

WordPress Review – WordPress.org

I have just started working with websites on WordPress. The sheer number of apps available to sell products overwhelmed me. I tried about 10 different apps but had problems selling digital downloads with every one. When I tried WP Easycart, I was amazed at how quickly I got help when I was confused. They wrote back the same day & gave me answers to the problems I was having. My stress level went from freaking out to calm & thrilled that I could make a site selling digital downloads, CDs, & DVDs! WP EasyCart is the only app I will be using on WordPress to sell! My client was happy with the store I made & we can even offer coupons so that when he goes to speak at events, he can offer free or reduced price products to people who attend his events. I am a web designer on WIX, but this WordPress site development has a large learning curve. Thank you to WP EasyCart for making my life easier!!

April 20, 2016

Sally g PriceWordPress ReviewWordPress.org

I have never built a web site before but came across easycart and downloaded it’s free trial and started to work with it and then purchased it and am more than pleased with it. I had a little problem with it and sent in a support ticket and to my surprise they were on it within a matter of minutes and showed me the problem and repaired it and within a matter of minutes I was back at my web site. If anyone has never built a web site but are thinking of doing one to me this is one of the only programs to purchase. I must say the program and the support are beyond my expectations. Fantastic Program

March 31, 2016

gomerch1WordPress ReviewWordPress.org

I have been using this shopping cart now for several of my sites (4 now, and more coming) and wanted to leave a good review for these guys who work very hard at this software.

I have great success with the software, and after a little setup, I am able to do just about anything I want to with so many features in a small $80 dollar standard version. If you expect to make any money on the internet and do not invest in yourself with $80 dollars, then you will likely not be successful.

This software is so full of features, and I have been leaving remarks on blog posts about how great other top 10 or top 20 shopping carts for WordPress are, but they don’t even mention this thing! crazy since it blows other carts out of the water. Just look at their comparison chart on their home page, maybe a little bias, but pretty close to what I have encountered with the other platforms like Woo(expensive when you add up modules).

The only negative reviews I have read here is that they want it ALL for free, but seriously, invest in your own business $80 dollars for the standard version and be successful. These guys who back their software are really dedicated and give quick support. I required some support on my first store, but now, I get it and am a pro 🙂

msully42WordPress ReviewWordPress.org

I’ve been searching for the right shopping cart plugin for a while and I tried several other plugins but all of them didn’t work for my business.

And I found ‘WP EasyCart’ that is flexible, customizable, beautiful, functional & ’Easy To Use’ with great support!

The kind supportive help of WP EasyCart team really has made a difference to my new business, so ‘Thank You!’

January 29, 2016

singingpianolessonsWordPress ReviewWordPress.org

We are a small web design business and needed a shopping cart solution for one of our clients. Based on reviews, I am so happy we went with EasyCart as our first choice. Their plugin works great, and equally important, their service and responsiveness is exemplary! I needed a couple of small adjustments and those requests were handled VERY quickly! We are most pleased with the service of EasyCart and the functionality of their product. We look forward to using their plugin for our future e-commerce customers!

Lori WhiteOctober, 2013

We were a small company looking to get an online presence and came across the WordPress EasyCart solution one day while searching plugins in WordPress and are sure glad we found them. We didn’t have to design anything, and the service and support from the crew at EasyCart is next to none! Worth every small penny of it

R_johnsonJuly, 2013

We are so happy with our EasyCart shopping system.  I was a little scared to put up an online store with all the different unknowns, but it was so easy, and having the help there on the phone was incredible.  We highly recommend them to anyone looking to go online and sell their goods.

kimmy23July, 2013

I help run a web design business, and we know the type of work that goes into making a large e-commerce site, so we needed a solution to develop with and quickly get our web design customers up and running without recreating the wheel.  EasyCart allowed us to implement a total package within minutes, and then we can customize it further for our clients to create a great e-commerce package at a low cost.

wb_guruJuly, 2013

I run a small boutique, and did not know what to do about an online system of selling goods.  Luckily we came across the EasyCart and they helped us get started right away with a low start-up cost.  All I need to do is update products, take orders, and run my business.  No web design was needed on my end, and the process couldn’t be simpler.

23daisysAugust, 2013

I had gone through 3 shopping cart systems before getting to EasyCart.  Luckily they solved my problem of needing a simple website built in WordPress with a shopping cart.  After a lot of research, I found other cart systems lacked in one area or another, and EasyCart offered coupons, gift cards, PayPal, and all the other options I needed to actually tune my shop to the way I needed to run my business.

The best part is the low cost with high quality templates that are integrated, making the design part of my site nearly disappear.  Now I am operational and collecting orders and can come back to the EasyCart team when I want even more custom design.

jules_smithAugust, 2013

I sell parts all over the U.S. and being able to do so with a system that can handle live shipping, lots of product variability, and authorize.net integration was important.  Normally shops like this cost several hundreds of dollars and that doesn’t include design, so having a bunch of templates to choose from was extremely helpful.  I was able to pick one that was close to what I needed and we customized it slightly to my business, but really seamless and easy to start.

hotrod1964September, 2013

I have used many different types of Ecommerce solutions. And I have to say, WP Easy Cart is one of the most simple, effective solutions out there.

The 3 biggest reasons why I am going to start to use and recommend WP Easy Cart more often is;

1.Ease of use. It’s super simple to install and set up your store. And when I am helping my clients to learn the system, it is way easier with these guys, and saves me a bunch of time!
2. The store looks pretty awesome right out of the box.
3. Price. One-time, all including fee? Sign me up!

I definitely recommend to at least try out WP Easy Cart, I am glad I did.

Adam Bercierwww.akbinternetmarketing.com

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