Verify with BlueCheck Extension

Age & Identity verification made simple with the WP EasyCart BlueCheck extension.

BlueCheck Age Verification

The BlueCheck extension for WP EasyCart allows you to leverage the age verification process supported by BlueCheck.  Eliminate risk and protect your business with age verification if your industry requires it.  With BlueCheck, you get age and identity verification all built into your EasyCart eCommerce system.

Only Available in our Premium Edition!

BlueCheck Extension Features

Age verification

Comply with age-restricted products and services with seamless verification during checkout.

Identity Verification

Satisfy regulatory requirements when selling products and goods that require a person of acceptable age.

FDA Compliance

Comply with tobacco & vapor regulations without sacrificing sales or customer experience in your online store.

Maintain Sales

Meet age requirements AND maintain sales with a fully tailored solution integrated into EasyCart.

Where to Start?

The WP EasyCart Premium edition offers exclusive access to our members only area where you can download all 10+ extensions for your shopping cart.  To become a member and begin using the BlueCheck extension, simply purchase your Premium edition license and receive a full WP EasyCart license + access to our members area benefits.