Desktop, Tablet, & Phone Apps

The Premium edition of WP EasyCart includes extra benefits, such as our PC & Mac desktop, iPad/Android tablet, and iPhone & Android phone apps.  Manage your orders, products, customers, and other administrative tasks directly from an app rather than logging into WordPress.  The Apple iPhone and Android  phone apps allow you to quickly check the status and manage recent orders.  Our apps are available on the iTunes and Google play networks!

Only Available in our Premium Edition!

Phone & Tablet Order Alerts!

Get instant order notifications with our iPhone/iPad and Android Tablet/Phone apps.  Simply use your premium license and log into your easycart app and notifications can instantly alert you to new orders!

Only Available in our Premium Edition!

Desktop, Tablet, & Phone Features

Remote Management

Manage your EasyCart eCommerce system without ever logging into WordPress.  Just open the app and go!

Check Orders

All apps allow you to view and manage your online orders from the desktop, tablet, or phone!

Customer Accounts

Our desktop and tablet apps allow you to manage customer accounts, reset passwords, and change customer information on the fly.

Edit Products

The desktop and tablet apps allow you to edit product details, such as titles, pricing, descriptions, images and more.

Remote & Secure

All of our apps allow you to securely connect to your shopping system with SSL security.

Order Alerts

Push Notifications for new orders can be enabled to give you instant alerts of all new orders!

Quick Launch

Save time by launching the apps from a desktop or mobile device icon.  No need to log into WordPress admin for everything.

Unlimited Licenses

Premium users get unlimited connections with desktop, tablet, & phone apps to their shopping cart!

Where to Start?

The WP EasyCart Premium edition offers exclusive access to our members only area where you can download all 10+ extensions for your shopping cart.  Premium members also get unlimited licenses to use our apps for PC & Mac desktops, tablets, & phones.  Once you become a premium member, your license will allow you to extend your EasyCart system with Apps & Extensions!