Scale Products with Tabs Extension

Build more product content with the WP EasyCart Tabs extension.

Do More with Extra Tabs

The WP EasyCart Tabs extension allows you to extend your product descriptions by adding unlimited tabs to each product area.  Go beyond the description and specifications tabs to include as many extra tabs on any given product as you like.  Add extra technical specs, video content, related product spec sheets, and more to any product easily with extra tabs!

Only Available in our Premium Edition!

Tabs Extension Features

Extend EasyCart

Plug into WordPress and extend your EasyCart products with unlimited tab sections on each product.

Design More

Get creative with each product, offering more information using more tabs!

Engage Customers

By adding extra information, customer engagement increases, thus converting more users

Product Information

Easily add more product details with extra tabs;  video content, requirements, instructional downloads, related info, or more!

Where to Start?

The WP EasyCart Premium edition offers exclusive access to our members only area where you can download all 10+ extensions for your shopping cart.  To become a member and begin using the extra Tabs extension, simply purchase your Premium edition license and receive a full WP EasyCart license + access to our members area benefits.