Automate with the Groupon Extension

Import coupon codes quickly with the WP EasyCart Groupon extension.

Market with Groupon

The Groupon extension for WP EasyCart allows you to quickly and easily import all your Groupon coupon codes into the system to allow seamless checkout for customers with Groupon codes.  Now you can leverage the Groupon marketing machine and get your coupon codes into your shopping cart ready for online sales!

Only Available in our Premium Edition!

Groupon Extension Features

Leverage Groupon

Utilize Groupon for your marketing strategy to boost sales and exposure.

Import Coupons

Our Groupon extension allows you to quickly import all groupon codes into EasyCart.

Increase Conversions

Boost sales and conversions with the exposure the Groupon system offers, while still selling locally from your WordPress website.

Save Time

Give yourself the gift of time by quickly syncing Groupon codes into your existing eCommerce EasyCart system.

Where to Start?

The WP EasyCart Premium edition offers exclusive access to our members only area where you can download all 10+ extensions for your shopping cart.  To become a member and begin using the Groupon extension, simply purchase your Premium edition license and receive a full WP EasyCart license + access to our members area benefits.