DHL rates with OptimalShip Extension

Custom DHL rates with the WP EasyCart OptimalShip extension.

Shipment Rates from OptimalShip

The WP EasyCart OptimalShip extension allows you to receive a custom single DHL shipping rate for international orders.  Sometimes a special shipping system is needed for special products, and the OptimalShip extension allows for these custom DHL rates to work in your EasyCart shopping system.

Only Available in our Premium Edition!

OptimalShip Extension Features

International Rate

Use OptimalShip to retrieve custom single DHL rate for international orders.

Accurate Shipping

Get more accurate shipping rates on certain products and scenarios not available with current live calculators.

Instant Quotes

Get instant quotes for your special international users from trusted DHL sources.

Save Time

Automate shipping quotes for international orders and save time and energy on your WordPress website.

Where to Start?

The WP EasyCart Premium edition offers exclusive access to our members only area where you can download all 10+ extensions for your shopping cart.  To become a member and begin using the OptimalShip extension, simply purchase your Premium edition license and receive a full WP EasyCart license + access to our members area benefits.