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WordPress eCommerce for Square

Instantly Connect Square to WordPress and Sell Online!

Sync your inventory & start selling now

• One click connect from WordPress to Square
• Import your catalog in one click
• Enable inventory sync to sell only what you have available
• Orders appear in Square, process and ship from there

Connect, Import, Sell

Your WordPress Website & Square Account

We make it easy & fast! Install from WordPress, connect to Square, and import your inventory. Start selling online TODAY.

Sync Products & Inventory

Enable Auto-Sync for Easy Management

Sync your brick-and-mortar shop with your eCommerce store in a single click. Enable auto-sync with webhooks to automatically adjust inventory as your Square inventory changes.

Options, Variations, & Modifiers

Features that align with Square

Finally, eCommerce built for Square. WP EasyCart features align perfectly with your Square POS. Simple, Fast, Easy.

WP EasyCart

PRO and Premium Edition

* 0% application fees

Square FAQ

WP EasyCart, PRO, and Premium all run on WordPress. Without WordPress you will not be able to use WP EasyCart at all. If you need to sell your Square inventory online, WordPress is the lowest cost method to get started. Hosting starts as low as a few bucks a month, WordPress is free, and WP EasyCart is less than $10/month. Selling online has never cost less!

If you need help setting up a WordPress website, reach out and we can help. We have a full development team that can design and build a website to fit your business.

Yes! All payments will be processed using your Square Up merchant account. Order data will flow automatically back into Square and you can even sync inventory daily.

WP EasyCart enables you to import your inventory to quickly build your online store. You may also sync your inventory at anytime to keep your website current. Upgrade to PRO or Premium and auto-sync your inventory every hour.

WP EasyCart uses a oAuth to connect your shopping system to Square. From there, Square handles the payments directly on your site through the WP EasyCart shopping system.

No! If you aren’t familiar with themes, this is something you can choose in WordPress that gives your site an overall design. WP EasyCart works with any theme and requires nothing special to do so. Simply choose a few colors on setup and select a font to match (optional).

No worries, we are here to help! Most confusion can be easily resolved with the help icon on each page, but if not, just send us a message and we will help. There are very few issues we cannot resolve in a few email exchanges.

You can setup taxes however you like and this will depend on your business location and operation needs. There are automated tax options using TaxCloud or manual setup by state. Consult a tax professional for exact details.

For those that need shipping, PRO offers simple tax rates or live rates based on products in the cart. PRO offers live shipping rates from all the major carriers including: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post. Mix and match to fit your needs.

PRO runs on three key WordPress pages: The store, cart, and account. You can add unlimited additional category pages to fit your needs. Preview it now with our demos!

Click for Demo 1 | Click for Demo 2

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Get a Square Account

Sign up for Square + WP EasyCart today using the links below

WordPress eCommerce Theme

Your WordPress Website. Your Theme.

Don't change your site. Sell from any theme.

The plugin that gives you control. Start selling today from your own website.

WP EasyCart Demo Shops

Try it Out. We Know You'll Love It.

Molla Theme Demo

Enfold Theme Demo

WordPress eCommerce

Square Payments + WP EasyCart

Sell retail items, digital items, and much more with Square eCommerce. Connect and import your inventory, add custom online products, and grow your business.

WordPress eCommerce Marketing

Marketing & Automation

The shopping cart that works for you.

Grow your marketing efforts with Coupons, promotions, and cross-sales. Setup automate abandoned cart emails and increase revenue.

WordPress eCommerce Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Easier to pay. Higher conversion rate.

Did you know over half of US customers shop on their mobile device? With WP EasyCart and mobile payments, you will convert more customers, more often.

WordPress eCommerce Mobile Payments
WordPress eCommerce Multilingual

Multilingual Shopping

Go international & Grow Your Customer Base

PRO offers multiple languages, add more languages, and a complete integration with WPML. Build your global sales that fits your customer base.

WordPress eCommerce B2B

B2B Sales

Custom Business Pricing by User.

Sell to your retail and business customers with separate pricing, tax rates, and more. Add product pricing for multiple user roles for ultimate flexibility.

WordPress eCommerce B2B
WordPress eCommerce Multi-Currency


Global Sales with Global Conversion Rates.

Set up, manage, and offer pricing to your customers in multiple currencies. Give your customers the currency they are used to with PRO.

WordPress eCommerce Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Custom Reporting + Advanced Analytics

Build your reports by nearly limitless conditions. Connect to Google Analytics to analyze everything about your website and eCommerce.

WordPress eCommerce Analytics

Compare PRO

How does PRO stack up with the competition



Variation Images

B2B Pricing

Abandoned Carts

Live Shipping Rates


Volume Pricing

Gift Cards

EasyCart Premium

All-in-One Cart









Price by Feature




+$79 Each/Year




Compare Top Carts

PRO vs Woo

Variation Images

WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$49/year

B2B Pricing

WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$149/year

Abandoned Carts

WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$59/year

Live Shipping Rates

WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$79/year PER Shipping Company


WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$99/year

Volume Pricing

WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$29/year

Gift Cards

WP EasyCart: Included
WooCommerce: +$49/year

Comparison chart based on available data on 2/11/2022. Pricing may change at anytime. Let us know if you see something inaccurate and we will fix immediately.

WordPress eCommerce Risk Free

No-Risk Refund Policy

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our product for any reason, reach out to us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.