WP EasyCart Premium Extensions

All premium extensions are included with the Premium Edition of WP EasyCart!

Extend your eCommerce solution with popular add-ons, or simply manage your orders using the phone or tablet apps!

10+ Productivity Extensions
Premium Members can download any of our Apps & Extensions!

Facebook & Instagram Feed

The WP EasyCart Facebook & Instagram Feed allows you to create a full dynamic catalog on Facebook advertising system.  customize every product title, price, description, image and metadata to start selling across these platforms with ease!

Quickbooks for Desktops

The EasyCart QuickBooks integration plugin allows you to seamlessly have order information, customer account data, and even product information flow from EasyCart to your QuickBooks.


The WP EasyCart ShipStation extension allows you to connect orders to ShipStation for shipping, labeling, and shipment communications. Automate the shipment process with the ShipStation services.


The WP EasyCart Stamps.com extension allows you to purchase and print packaging labels for EasyCart orders directly with Stamps.com account.


Fully integrated with MailChimp’s eCommerce features to track purchases directly related to mail campaigns.


The WP EasyCart Mandrill Extension allows you to send all transactional emails through your Mandrill account, giving you more information on emails received and opened and the option to resend when necessary.

Groupon Importer

Import your Groupon coupon codes quickly into your WP EasyCart system.

BlueCheck Identity Verification

This plugin allows you to verify the age of your customers when selling vapor and eCigarette type goods. Learn more about BlueCheck at http://www.bluecheck.me/


This plugin is an altered version of the AffiliateWP Product Rates Add-On allows you to add custom rates by products to Affiliates. This add-on from AffiliateWP has been changed to work with WP EasyCart.


This plugin allows you to use Optimalship to get a single DHL rate for international orders

EasyCart Tabs

The WP EasyCart Tabs Extension allows you to create custom tabs for each product. Now you can have more than just the Description & Specifications tabs on each product entry.


Desktop, Phone, and Tablet apps to help you manage your online business anywhere at anytime.

Desktop Applications

Manager your EasyCart directly from your PC or MAC WITHOUT logging into WordPress. Setup users for sales, fulfillment, and super admins using our panel locking user system. Do it all from one place and start working faster and more efficiently today!

iPhone and iPad Apps

Manage orders directly from your iPhone or iPad with WP EasyCart apps on iTunes. Download our apps today and begin managing your store efficiently from a remote location. For full admin features outside of WordPress our iPad app is perfect for productivity.

Android Phone and Tablet App

Manage orders directly from your Android device with WP EasyCart apps on Google Play. Download our apps today and begin managing your store efficiently from a remote location. For full admin features outside of WordPress our Android app is perfect for productivity.

Text Notification Services

Available with the Professional & Premium edition is the cloud based Text Notification Services allowing you instant delivery of texts on order updates, shipping notices, and other order changes.


Get started for only $99 dollars with the Premium Edition WordPress shopping cart plugin.

Premium Editions includes the Professional Edition + our desktop/tablet/phone apps + 10 extensions such as Quickbooks, ShipStation, Stamps, Groupon Importer and more!

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